Holiday Card 2007

My personal holiday card for 2007


After getting a number of holiday cards from friends with families, I wanted to make light of the tradition.

The result was a various pictures of me, with various cartoon hairstyles, overlaid on a traditional family style holiday cards.


The card uses stock images, stock vector art and was assembled in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The card was printed at and mailed out directly from the printer.

Holiday Card 2008

My personal holiday card for 2008


The 2007 holiday card was going to be a tough act to follow given it's reception among the ~80 recipients.

After a good deal of ideation, I chose the Facebook theme based on the recent growth in the number of people I know who use it to keep in touch.

Rather than my own page, which they were familiar with, I went with a holiday theme and constructed a fictitious "Santa's Facebook Page"


The card was created using stock photos, custom vector art and content developed from scratch in Adobe Illustrator in order to be able to resize it according to the final print size.

The card was printed at and mailed out directly from the printer.

GLBT High Tech Alliance Logo

Alliance of high tech employees - RTP, NC


A group of GLBT technologists was forming in the Research Triangle Park area in NC. They needed a logo which indicated the members were all technologists, and GLBT people.

In general I find most GLBT logos that include a rainbow to be dominated by the rainbow colors which force a visual dissonance and also make the logos seem too similar.

The concept behind this logo was to include a rainbow that did not dominate the image, while also conveying the idea of technology.


The final image was based on stock vector art of circuit board. I modified the color of a series of circuit channels to show the rainbow colors, using the same yellow as the rest of the circuit channels.

This resulted in a rainbow that is clearly visible, but does not dominate the scene.

The circuit also conveyed the concept of "technology" while camouflaging the rainbow.

Leaving IBM - Video

Saying good bye with a smile - IBM


After sending out the farewell note I wanted to make light of the whole resource action situation by showing that any event is only as happy or sad as you let be.

This called for a video that spoke to my tendency to organize and present information in a new way.


I hacked my Cannon camera with the CHDK to allow me to run a time lapse script on it. While packing up my workspace I used the camera to capture one image every five seconds.

I took the resulting set of images into iStopMotion and built the time lapse video. After the video was complete I brought it into iMovie to add the "Yakety-Sax" theme music an uploaded it to YouTube.

Saying goodbye to good friends - IBM

How do you say goodbye in a memorable way?


After working somewhere for 10 years and making a lot of great friends and contacts, I wanted to say goodbye in as memorable a way a possible.

Being known for "doing things differently" and a love for displaying information graphically I wanted to eschew the common "farewell note" that is entirely text, and show off my unique personality.


Trying to sum up all the work that I've done, and people that I was impacted by would have been a tall order in text anyway, so I took the graphical approach and let people know that for the most part my time at IBM was wonderful, and that they had a hand in that.

The note was received by ~600 people and commented on by ~200 of them. Many felt flattered to receive the wishes, and commented on the design. One person remarked: "Typical of you, that was the best goodbye email I've ever seen."

The graphic was created in Adobe Illustrator, using a public domain handwriting font.